Articles and podcasts about facilitation

I often write about facilitation in my weblog. You can see a listing of all postings that relate to facilitation here.

You might also enjoy these podcasts I've done

Unconferencing: A discussion with Chris Corrigan and Rob Paterson - how can we get away from unsatisfying conferences where the audience is often bored, towards much more engaging learning events?

Can we really drive change? Part 1 Part 2 Tom Guarriello and I talk about the notion of driving change, and whether this notion causes more trouble than it's worth. Are there more helpful ways of understanding how change actually happens in organisations?

A discussion with Lisa Haneberg, who describes it thus: "We chat about the benefits of inviting a challenge. Along the way we talk about facilitation, using improv techniques to build performance and confidence, and other cool stuff."

The language of facilitation I talk with Tom Guarriello and Andrew Rixon about the way language shapes the way we experience the world, and how it affects facilitation.