Open Space on Improv in Cambridge

In local news… Clare Kerrison is inviting people to an Open Space on Improv in Cambridge on Saturday afternoon 9 November. I’ll be hosting the process but don’t let that put you off! Clare’s been a prime mover in building an improv community here and this will be a chance to see what else we […]

Improv and aliveness

Michelle Holliday has written a splendid exploration of the deep value of improv. ..the true promise of improvisation is that it helps us move beyond a mechanistic paradigm to one that honours and embraces life. It literally holds the key to being less rusty and more fully thriving and alive. And paradoxically in becoming more […]

Improv to Performance

This is the best improv course I’ve ever done. You go for a series of evening sessions where you play with your fellow participants and then on the last evening you put on a performance together. For a real audience. Slightly scary in prospect brilliant in practice. I’m thinking of doing it again, and I […]

Improv in Baltimore, June 2011

I’ve met some great people over the years at the annual Applied Improv Network conference. This June it’s happening in Baltimore. I’m not sure if I’ll make it this year even though most of it will be in Open Space which should be pretty awesome with a bunch of improvisers in the room. I’ve learnt […]

The allure of improv

I thought Adam Bright’s article about improv – and what it demands of performers – was brilliant. As well as evoking what is so alluring about improv I think it also glances at what might be called a shadow side of the addiction to the process. This snippet evokes some of what is so remarkable […]

What makes people laugh at improv?

I’m currently reading Everything’s an Offer by Rob Poynton. He is probably the most articulate thinker about the value of improvisation in organisations. His book is a real treat. When I met Rob a few years ago he said something that lodged deeply in my mind. He repeats in in his book (my emphasis): People […]

Improvisational Writing

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post – I’ve been travelling including attending the Applied Improv Network Conference in Chicago. One of the highlights was Denzil Meyers’ creative writing session based on his format of Adventures in Micro Fiction. Viv‘s done a good precis. One of the most interesting ideas was the […]

Improv Arvo update

I’ve now set up an Eventbrite page for the Improv Arvo on Saturday November 1st 3pm-6pm – so go there to register. As we say no agenda or objective apart from having some fun and playing games – just a chance to stretch our co-creative limbs. And thanks to Julian Burton for providing his studio […]

Improv Arvo

Mark Earls and are going to host an Improv Arvo on Saturday November 1st 3pm-6pm in London SE1. Just an afternoon for friends and anyone else interested to get together. As Mark says No agenda or objective apart from having some fun and playing games – just a chance to stretch our co-creative limbs Update: […]

New improv site

I recently stopped managing the website for the Applied Improv network. After four years I felt I’d become stale. Fortunately, Leif Hansen stepped out of the void and rebuilt the site for us on Ning. It’s working really well. The old site was set up as a blog but very few posts were written. The […]