Relationships before ideas

From the time we were little children my brother.. and myself lived together played together, worked together and, in fact, thought together. We usually owned all of our toys in common, talked over our thoughts and aspirations so that nearly everything that was done in our lives has been the result of conversations, suggestions and […]


Perhaps connecting through ideas is over-rated. This may sound almost sacrilegious or insane. Surely the whole of civilisation rests on ideas? Ideas having sex etc etc. And don’t get me wrong, I get as excited by new ideas as the next man, so I’m not pointing the finger at anyone in particular here. But we […]

Relationships and ideas

A few days ago I blogged about insight being “the popcorn of therapy” and sparked some interesting comments. Today, this jumped out from a post by Rob Paterson. Ideas do not change us. Only experience changes us. I don’t want to set up an either/or here, but I find this axiom attractive. The bookstores are […]

Showing up to relationships

What creates engaging relationships? I’d say that the number one “technology” available to all of us is showing up to relationships. (Woody Allen famously said “90% of life is just showing up”). Here are some observations about what I mean by showing up… and what I don’t.


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links for 2010-06-16

The TCF guide to beating Tories in elections « Though Cowards Flinch A Labour activist recounts his success not following the rules. This is interesting well beyond British party politics. Rule 1: Treat people like adults. Connections Between People Drive Innovation « Innovation Leadership Network How the history of Tasmania demonstrates that isolation doesn't just […]

Empathy and innovation

Tim Kastelle has a good post about Empathy and Innovation. I’m fond of talking about “relationships before ideas” and Tim seems to be in similar territory. One of the supposed challenges of innovation is getting ideas to spread and Tim argues that empathy is pretty key to that especially if you’re into Mark’s Herd worldview. […]

Impact of Open Space

The more I experience Open Space, the more enthusiastic I become. So I enjoyed Andrew Rixon’s post, showing the social network before and after an Open Space meeting. Before: After: One of my mantras is relationships before ideas. Many conference formats overemphasise the top-down delivery of content at the expense of connectedness. Open Space seems […]

Myths of creativity

Evelyn has done a handy summary of The Six Myths of Creativity based on an article in Fast Company. Check it out if you have a coupla mins to spare. Makes lots of sense to me and aligns with my mantra about relationships before ideas. I’ll quote myself for once I’ve witnessed quite a few […]

Culture vs Strategy

More punchy stuff from Mark at fouroboros: here’s how basic it really is. Choice titbits: 2. Understand that when guys like Harvard’s Schein and the London School of Economics’ Maister say “Culture matters more than strategy ” they know of where they speak they mean it, and it it works. 3. Why does it work? […]