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David Maister writes his perspective on careers. There are 12 rules including these which I quite like

5 If you want a specific experience ask for it.

6 Better yet, just go grab it.

7 Do not expect that you will be promoted because you deserve it – it is unlikely that anyone is really keeping track.

8 If you want to be promoted, ask to be promoted

For me, the list is made a bit dispiriting by these two

1 The cold, hard, truth is that you’ve got to look after yourself.

11 In spite of what they may say, it’s up to you. You’re on your own, kid.

They sound harsh, as I don’t think I associate looking after myself with being cold and hard. And I think there’s a difference between taking care of ourselves and being all alone in the world. One nifty definition of independence is knowing when to ask for help. David’s blog stands out for his enthusiasm for encouraging a commons, a sharing of ideas and his willingness to encourage and connect to his readers who comment.

David reflects further in a post about Ayn Rand which generates lots of comments. As always, the scope for different interpretations of the same words turns out be fairly wide.

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