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It looks like the last entry to the wonderful Darth Side blog.

The author Matthew Hemming is interviewed on Maurice’s Blog. Here’s one snippet that caught my eye:

As a creative writer I’m just one of the thousands who have discovered that getting instant feedback from hundreds of strangers each time you write makes you a helluva lot better a helluva lot faster than writing things only seen by yourself or your spouse.

The web is the greatest free proving ground for writing talent the world has ever known. If you’re any stripe of writer and you’re not putting your stuff out there you’re wasting a golden opportunity.

And here’s another:

Separated from the hype of big publisher marketing, if your writing is popular on the net it can only be because the quality is there. Nobody is reading just because of your name. The reader has not spent a nickel up front to gain access to the content (unlike a magazine or a book), and thus will cast you away from their screen in a heartbeat if you lose their interest for even a second.

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