Creative Business Coaching

I help people see new choices and get unstuck from frustrating patterns and relationships.

A Human Approach

It’s better to practice getting comfortable with ambiguity in working together, rather than painting over the cracks with a standard process. 

I find many of my coaching relationships begin with an extended period of not being sure where we are going. I find that if we’re patient with that uncertainty, we open ourselves to more powerful, serendipitous insight.

I share my experiences of working with people for 20 years in my blog.

Business Coaching by Johnnie Moore

Coaching without recipes

In Praise of Fuzziness

I’m wary of standard processes with numbered stages, boxes and arrows. Human relationships can’t be run according to a simple formula.

Some of the most interesting things happen when we’re patient with uncertainty which means something really new can emerge.

Sometimes waiting, sometimes provoking

There’s something paradoxical about most creative work. Sometimes, the best things happen when I’m silent and sometimes when I’m more challenging. 

Rehearsal space

Coaching allows us to practice different ways of performing. I see it as a playful rehearsal space.

What can you get from coaching with me?

I work on a range of issues with clients. Let’s have a chat to see if my approach feels right to you.

  • Better Communication
    Increasing influence
  • Managing "difficult" people
    Creative ways to get better results
  • Enhancing creativity
    Releasing energy for change
  • Managing up as well as down
    Getting your managers onside

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