Butterfly moments

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Joyce Wycoff asks Do you ever think about moments that change your life? and continues with a few examples. Here’s her own:

One Butterfly Moment happend during a weekend from college that I spent visiting my aunt Lerrea in Tulsa. My cousin Gary and I were almost the same age and I had dated his best friend. At the time however I was very serious about a Marine and one of my favorite pieces of clothing was his old Marine Corps sweatshirt. That Saturday morning I dressed in my cut-off wheat jeans (I am really dating myself, uh?) and that garish yellow and red sweatshirt. However, something stopped me and, for some reason, I changed shirts. Later that day, my ex-boyfriend stopped by and we talked for awhile and then went out for a drive and proceeded on almost in a straight line to a twelve-year marriage. That marriage took me to California where the threads of my present life wove themselves into a new tapestry, one that I

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