Embrace the boring until you find it interesting

This idea from Bernie de Koven got me thinking. I opine that work is in fact, already fun. That attempts to make it more fun through the use of awards and rewards, parties and dress-down days lead to something significantly less than fun. And that rather than finding ways to make work more fun, we […]

Zeitgeists are not markets

Nice quote from Lao Tzu The highest type of ruler is one of whose existence the people are barely aware. Next comes one whom they love and praise. Next comes one whom they fear. Next comes one whom they despise and defy. It comes from Anne McCrossan’s post The Price of Zeitgeist. Anne reviews a […]

Forget advertising

Rob Paterson has two excellent posts throwing down the gauntlet to conventional thinkers in ad agencies and beyond. Online advertising is NOT marketing 2.0.

Using an issue as a social object

Rob has a good post about KETC‘s launch of an H1N1 blog following on the heels of their mortgage-crisis blog. Rob’s been closely involved with US public broadcasting as it figures out how to navigate the waves crashing around all mainstream media. Rob says When we began to wonder how to use TV and an […]

Tiger, Branding and Shadows

I suspect the conventional wisdom is that Tiger Woods was the perfect case study in branding until just a few days ago. I’d like to propose that he’s potentially a more useful if bothersome, case study now than he was then. Most branding is still obsessed with idealisation, creating notions of perfection and excellence, fuelled […]

More on brand narcissism

I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Mitchell’s latest two part rant on brand narcissism. I’m sure Mark will especially enjoy his rip-roaring pisstake of the idea of neuroscience giving clever admen the magic key to control the consumer’s little brain. It is scientifically proven that most decision-making is inaccessible to introspection by the conscious rational mind. There […]

Airline hamster wheel slowing

I just got a letter from Virgin Atlantic. They’re trying to put a cheery spin on the fact they’re downgrading me from Silver to Red in the frequent flyer programme. I’m expecting the same soon from United where I plummeted from Gold to Silver last year and now will fall to some shamefully non-metallic category. […]

Silliness, period.

Jeff Jarvis has a pithy rant against corporate fussiness over how their names get spelt. Apparently, “AOL” has just become “Aol.” with some hoohah about the importance of the period, or full stop as they may or may not allow us Brits to call it. This kind of thing has always made me laugh. Years […]

“Pepsi to cease advertising”

I thought this Onion report was very funny and like all really good satire points to a truth that some may find uncomfortable. I urge you to enjoy the whole thing before reading the next few paras. Consider some of the statements the Onion puts in the mouth of the Pepsi Boss: “Frankly it just […]


In Are you lovin’ it? Tom Asacker has a great post elaborating on David Ogilvy’s comment that “Agencies waste countless hours concocting slogans of incredible fatuity.” For every vaguely memorable slogan there are countless utterly forgettable ones. Tom lists ones McDonalds have used over the years as evidence, and also suggests this list of company […]