Security and insecurity

I thought this line from Annette Clancy‘s recent post was rather brilliant. The primary challenge to those of us involved in assisting organisations to strategise is the co-creation of a secure enough environment in which to envision a future that is insecure. I only discovered Anne’s work today, thanks to Chris Corrigan. I feel tremendously […]

In the box: revenge of the geeks?

Prompted by several friends and finally by some excellent posts from Marc Babej, I’ve read Douglas Rushkoff’s latest, Get Back in the Box. This is one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read in a long time. It’s one of the few business books that I’ve read to the end. If you don’t have time […]

JWT rethinks

Nick Wreden has been looking at how ag agency JWT have been reviewing their approach. They have some interesting ideas including “the audience is the new client”. There’s also a new ten point ranking for rating creative ranging from 1 (Damaging) to 10 (World beating). It’s an interesting effort to ring the changes – and […]

Gonzo Marketing

Chris Locke aka RageBoy, in his guise at Chief Blogging Officer, is serialising his book Gonzo Marketing. Today is Part One: Participating in the Scene I’ve recently posted my frustrations with business books. Among the many nuggets in here is Chris’ pisstake in similar vein. I love that he’s posting his book in blog form. […]

The answer to how is yes

I’m slowly working through Peter Block’s The Answer to How is Yes. It is one of the very best things I’ve read ever. Block illuminates the way in which real change is stifled by “how” questions. Here’s how Block puts it: Despite its rhetoric the culture does not value independent action. The culture wants to […]

The wisdom of football crowds

Fascinating article in The Times today, sadly already sequestered behind paid registration about in France. Here’s the SP. The club is managed by fans via its website. Most fans don’t go to games but watch online. Every one gets a vote and votes are weighted by track record in making effective choices (don’t ask […]

Lists, continued…

For those who enjoyed my previous posts on lists, here’s a kindred spirit. I offer a little snippet to lure you into reading more. I wonder what Michele’s return on investment would have been after reading the same post, rendered in bulletese?