Reviews of More Space

Jackie Huba at Church of the Customer has nice things to say about More Space The best business books are those that cause us to think differently and if they’re good inspire action; this book passes that test. She also points to approving comments by Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, no less. There is a […]

Jory on Authenticity

One of the good things about More Space is that you can listen to each of the chapters as an mp3 (just register at the More Space website for free access). I enjoyed reading Jory des Jardins‘ chapter in its early draft – and I enjoyed it even more in the audio version over the […]

More Space – Rob’s rousing chapter

The arrival of my hard copies of More Space the book I’ve co-authored with eight other bloggers, has prompted to me re-read what others have written there. Today, I’m going to do a little trailer on Rob Paterson‘s chapter, Going Home. (You can read his essay online free, or order the book, at the More […]

More Space

More Space – Nine Antidotes to Complacency in Business is being published on 25 October. I’m one of nine bloggers who’ve written chapters for this new book, which (as you might expect) is being offered in multiple formats. First, there’s the book itself, which you can buy here for $24.95. Or if you’d like to […]

Going off topic

I had a great meeting with two fellow London bloggers last week Freddie Daniells and Max Blumberg. This prompted various thoughts, here are some of them: 1. Whenever I meet people I know from blogging I have a great time. These connections have a power and energy that excites me. They are one of the […]

More space deadline looms

Now that I’ve finished my tax return the next deadline looms: sending in my proposal to Todd for my More Space essay/chapter/thinkpiece thingy. I’m definitely more of a starter than a finisher so the fact that Todd’s cracking the whip a bit is probably a good thing. I’m quite sure that what I eventually write […]

Fundamental Attribution Error

I do try quite hard to avoid jargon but I’ll make an exception for the “Fundamental Attribution Error”. Because it’s just so interesting. I’ve been reading Crucial Confrontations. Based on oodles of research in field the authors explain how to confront promise-breakers without the ground swallowing us all up. I’m not a fan of how-to […]

Southwest paradox (2)

A couple more thoughts on The Southwest Paradox I blogged yesterday. When we chatted Michael Herman pointed out that the unsuccessful airlines can’t be separated clinically from Southwest. They’re the context in which Southwest is successful. You could say their failure is a key part of Southwest’s success. And simply replicating Southwest will change the […]

The Southwest Paradox

Thoughts on what I’m calling The Southwest Paradox – and what it means about a questionable assumption behind many business and other how-to books. This may be a jumping off point for my essay for the More Space project.

More Space

I’m excited to be part of the More Space project dreamt up by Todd Sattersten. The idea: 10 bloggers each contribute a chapter to a book. We get 10 000 words to play with more space than would be normal for a blog. As you’ll see from Todd’s FAQs, the finished product will be available […]