Open Space on Improv in Cambridge

In local news… Clare Kerrison is inviting people to an Open Space on Improv in Cambridge on Saturday afternoon 9 November. I’ll be hosting the process but don’t let that put you off! Clare’s been a prime mover in building an improv community here and this will be a chance to see what else we […]


I’ve just migrated this blog from Movable Type to WordPress. Something I’ve been aiming to do for a long time but put off because it seemed a real headache to do so in a way that tried to preserve historic links. Finally, I’ve succeeded, which is pretty much entirely to the credit of my friend […]

Connect + Act

This June I’ll be helping to facilitate at Connect + Act, an event organised by the Campaign to End Loneliness. It’s one of the paradoxes of our uber-connected world that loneliness remains so prevalent especially when its impact is so clearly adverse for people. This campaign focuses on loneliness in old age. I’m looking forward […]

Summer Season…

When I moved to Cambridge last year, my dream was to get a place where I could have people stay. All through the winter I sat in the house wondering if I was insane. But now that there are glimmers of spring, it looks like things are shaping up. Viv is going to stay at […]

Opening the proof

We’ve almost finished getting our new book available on Lulu the print-on-demand service. This little video is just me drooling over the final proof. It’s made in the spirit of tinkering. You can follow that link if you want the free pdf download version. Kindle/eReader version to follow…

John Ptak

I was very sad to learn that John Ptak the husband of my friend Patti Digh, has been struck with cancer. Patti’s response to this, as to so many of the curve balls life throws her, has been extraordinary. As John is uninsured in the American healthcare system, they have set up a fundraising page […]

Nine years…

I generally avoid blogging about how I’m blogging but I will indulge myself today, as it’s my ninth anniversary of writing this blog. It started out as a blog for a business called Ourhouse (mentioned in the very first entry), but I soon changed that to Thanks to everyone who has been here for […]


You may have noticed a long silence here. I was travelling in Australia and then came back to the UK and changed location. I’ve moved to Cambridge (the UK one) where I’ve had my work cut out with sorting out the house I’m now living in and I’m now working on connecting with what’s going […]


I decided a while back that I wanted to move out of London. I’ve lived in this city for over 25 years and I think it’s time for a change. This week I accepted on offer on my flat. In the UK this is the start of process that involves solicitors and stress the outcome […]


So Viv and I are going to run a workshop together on May 13th in Sydney organised by the excellent Matt Moore (no relation). We’re calling it Crumbs! and here’s the blurb on Matt’s site. I suppose this is the nub of it: We’re going to reveal our own prejudices about facilitating change and innovation […]