Change This…

James and I have penned a new manifesto for Change This: Co-Creation Rules Regular readers will know that I’m no fan of lists. I’m not renowned for making rules either though you’ll understand we’re being deliberately ambiguous in our title. Nevertheless, James and thought we’d try and bash out a few ideas that we sometimes […]


I noticed that Wikipedia didn’t have a page for co-creation which struck me as a bit ironic as wikipedia is one of the finest examples of it. So James John Winsor and I exchanged a few thoughts and put together a very simple first draft. Please do go in there and improve upon it.

Beyond the black box

Some months back Ross Dawson sent me a free copy of his book, Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships: Leadership in Professional Services. I am not a prolific reader and the book sat on my desk for a long time, leaving me feeling guilty. But I disciplined myself to read it recently and I liked it. Ross […]

Open Sauce in London

James and I will be running our next Open Sauce Live workshop in London on Tuesday 17 October in conjunction with our friends at NMK. Our blurb says From the highest-spending brands to the smallest agencies everyone is wondering how to succeed in a brave new world of marketing.It’s a world where people are better […]

Co-creation Rules

James and I are getting to work on a new manifesto for Change This. It’s called Co-creation Rules a deliberately ambiguous title. Our aim is put together some of our insights from working with brands and organisations. These are the guys who are taking up the challenge to create stuff in real collaboration with their […]

Open Source Research

Via Richard Gayle and Glyn Moody I found The Synaptic Leap: Biomedical science is indivisible.  The physical and psychological barriers that divide scientific communities are ultimately artificial and counterproductive.  We see online collaboration as a natural way to bridge these gaps and pool information that is currently too fragmented for anyone to use.  An open, […]

Stormhoek: The Podcast

Earlier this week James Cherkoff and I had lunch with Jason Korman of Stormhoek the wine brand that has been enjoying considerable success using blogging. Jason talks about the practical applications of the ideas we talk about on our Open Sauce workshops – creating conversations with customers bypassing conventional market research and design processes, and […]

Sauce opened

Well Friday saw James’ and my first Open Sauce workshop and it seemed to go pretty well. (Here’s James’ account of it) I learnt lots from it too which I think is a good sign. (I’ve got more and more sceptical about hey-wow training events, and prefer to run workshops where we assume everyone has […]

A little extra sauce

One week to run until James’ and my first Open Sauce Workshop. I’m starting to get quite excited about it. We’ve got a mix of folks from business and non-profits which is good. By the way we’ve been asked if consultants are welcome and they certainly are. After a nice lunch with Alistair Shrimpton of […]

Open Sauce update

Ok, James and I have now got a website – for our Open Sauce Workshops. And a couple of early bookings for the first one. James has just published a great Open Source Marketing manifesto at Change This. A really good primer.