Becoming who we are not: facilitation as performance

Cathy Salit is one of the biggest influences on my work. She’s got a book out this April – Performance Breakthrough -and I talk to her in this podcast. The subtitle of the book is A Radical Approach to Success at Work and I think Cathy lives and breathes that claim. Listening back to this interview, I […]

Podcast: The tyranny of the explicit

Yesterday I recorded a conversation with Viv McWaters and Roland Harwood on the theme of The Tyranny of the Explicit. We explore how the need for certainty in an uncertain world the over reliance on metrics and the demand that learning be made explicit, can often kill energy in meetings and get in the way […]

Podcast: Agility

In this podcast I talk with Rob Paterson and Neil Perkin about agility in organisations. This was sparked by Neil’s post about agile planning – ways for organisations to respond more effectively to the speed of change in a networked economy. It’s the usual non-linear kind of conversation exploring what makes for agility in organisations […]

Podcast: The tyranny of excellence

Update cue twilight zone theme. Interesting coincidence here’s Hugh‘s cartoon of the day: Viv McWaters and I are developing a workshop called Crumbs! We look at how creativity is not about big ideas and sudden leaps of insight. It’s much more incremental, and involves closer attention to the detail of the present and how we […]

Podcast: Viv McWaters

This morning I recorded a podcast with Viv McWaters. Viv’s a fellow facilitator and we shot the breeze about a few common interests. Download the Podcast (30m, 10.5 MB) Podcast RSS feed Some of the stuff we covered: GFC: Global Financial Crisis or Geelong Football Club The pitfalls of strategic planning and the need for […]

Podcast: letting go of planning and control…

Rob Poynton, Mark Earls and I recorded a podcast this morning, around the benefits of doing less planning. The podcast itself was largely unplanned but we managed to cover quite a few interesting topics. Download the Podcast (27m45s, 9.8MB) Podcast RSS feed Here’s my rough summary of what we talked about but hopefully you’ll want […]


While I was in Australia I recorded a podcast, pretty much on the spur of the moment, with Geoff Brown and Vic McWaters. We recorded it on a cliff overlooking the WinkiPop surf break nears Bells Beach. It’s a typically rambling performance but if you stick with it, we touch on a few interesting facilitation […]

Hugh and the Rabbi 6

The other day Hugh Pinny Mark and I recorded another of our podcasts. It’s very much in our tradition of non-linear conversation. Sorry, no show notes for this one – I’ve not found time to do them this time. Download the Podcast Podcast RSS feed

Hugh, Rabbi and the Tribe

Hugh Pinny and I invited Ben Keene of Tribe Wanted onto our podcast. I heard Ben give a talk in London and found his story inspiring. We chatted to him for 30 minutes about his experience setting up a tribe on a pacific island with an extended online community. It’s another great example of the […]

What’s Love Got to do with It?

The latest Hugh and the Rabbi podcast features Hugh, Pinny me and guest Euan Semple. Recorded a few weeks ago we’ve only just round to posting it but I hope you enjoy it. We went round the houses on a few things, but started off talking about love and what it might have to do […]