The experience of strategy

Chris Mowles has a great post about his experience at a strategy presentation. He highlights the contrast between the presenter’s idealised abstractions and what is actually going on in the room. This bit captures that distinction: As he proceeded to explain in rather Jesuitical fashion how he and his team had worried about the order of […]

Big M Meetings

My next reflections video is about the difference between Big M Meetings and little m meetings. I hope you enjoy it.

“Muddling through”

Chris Rodgers has written a couple of related posts on management as “muddling through” and the “beautiful ugly truth” of management. As usual I find myself nodding in agreement. I’ve been thinking lately about the status we play when we use different kinds of language.  In management there’s a tendency to favour high status language […]

Monty Python, Silly Walks and what absurdity reveals

Another day another reflections video. This one is about why I love Monty Python and how I think it connects to working with people. There will be more to follow. And here’s the Silly Walks sketch, as if you need reminding.

The trap of “making things easy”

Another short video in my reflections series. People think facilitation is about making things easy. I’m not so sure. Warning: skinny man attempts yoga in this clip.

Disruption debunked

Jill Lepore has a thought-provoking article challenging the thinking behind the Innovators Dilemma. She questions the glibness with which people champion disruptive innovation. I like a bit of contrarian thinking and this scratches a familiar itch I feel about many conversations about innovation. Lepore seems to argue that case studies about breakthrough innovation are ignoring some […]

Amsterdam workshops this week

Don’t know why I didn’t mention this before but Viv is doing two workshops in Amsterdam this week. Thursday’s is called Bring Your Meetings to LIfe – I think of it as the basics of Viv’s and my approach to facilitation. Friday’s is called Survival Skills for Facilitators. This one focuses on what to do […]

Completing each other

These two posts crossed my path recently, and seem related: First, Quinn Norton has a terrific essay called Everything is Broken. This is the central point: It’s hard to explain to regular people how much technology barely works, how much the infrastructure of our lives is held together by the IT equivalent of baling wire. […]

Unhurried Conversations, Cambridge, 15 and 28 May

Antony Quinn and I will be hosting some more Unhurried Conversations this month in Cambridge. Both are free. We’re at the Trinity Centre Cambridge Science Park 15 May 8.30am to 10.30am Register here And at Browns Trumpington Street, 28 May, 10am to noon. Register here. In an Unhurried Conversation, there is time to think, and […]

The individual and the culture

In We Aren’t the World, Ethan Watters explores how profoundly culture affects thinking. One of the central points is that Western, and he suggests particularly American, minds, are much more likely to see things from an individualist, and reductionist perspective. He points out the vast majority of psychology studies are based on “WEIRD” people, in Western, Educated, Industrialized, […]