Creative Facilitation

Meetings don’t have to be boring. Good facilitation helps people to work together for more creativity and wiser decisions.

Facilitation for thriving teams and exciting events

I’m the co-founder of Creative Facilitation, a partnership that hosts awaydays, workshops, and conferences around the world.

I’ve worked as a facilitator for over 20 years for all kinds of organisations. I help them to have more thought-provoking meetings which are more engaging and fun for participants. 

My work has ranged from helping management teams overcome internal frictions, to large scale international conferences to develop strategy.

I’ve always been interested in training others in the art of facilitation, and my blog has hundreds of posts based on my experience.

Creative Facilitation - the book

My new book, out now on Amazon, is called Creative Facilitation. With my co-author Viv McWaters, I share the practices and ideas that have underpinned my work with groups over the last 20 years. 70 colourful pages full of advice and inspiration.

Online Facilitation

I have lots of experience in making online meetings engaging and effective. I run a monthly training called The Naked Facilitator which shares many key ideas and practices.