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Four practices

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Nice post by Michael Herman: Four practices

Practice of opening

Practice of holding

Practice of inviting

Practice of practicing

I’m adding this to my collection of Simple ideas, lightly held.

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Johnnie Moore

Fascinating clients

Howard Mann asks Are You Fascinated by Your Clients? Q: What if you approached (and targeted) each prospect because you were truly interested and fascinated by their business and/or the

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I’m not bored, I’m empathetic

Here’s one Mark will appreciate: Contagious Yawn “Sign of Empathy”. Apparently neuroscience suggests that people who yawn a lot are more empathetic. In the research the Beeb report,Psychology students were

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I found some interesting articles in the latest online edition of Greater Good. This one is all about power. Dacher Keltner challenges the Machiavelli notion of power in organisations with

Johnnie Moore

Open Source Marketing

James Cherkoff points to an interesting article by Bob Garfield in Ad Age (registration required): Inside the New World of Listenomics. It’s about how marketing is going Open Source. My