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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Andrew Rixon likes Kathy Sierra’s latest post – Never Underestimate the Power of Fun. Me too. Andrew says

Earlier this year I completed what was an 8 month long Delphi project investigating facilitators perspectives and practices in natural resource management. One of the questions which we explored was What are the ingredients for successful facilitation in NRM?. What has stuck in my mind since was how one participant replied:

To deal with the complexity, keep it simple and make it fun!

This reminds me of my big theme: realising that there’s a world of difference between things that are complicated and those that are complex. When they are complex, you give up on aiming for perfection and aim for simplicity that works ok. All explained at some length in my More Space chapter, which you can download – or listen to as an MP3 – free (or better still buy the book).

I ran an Improv session earlier this week and the highlight of the evening was playing Slow Motion Samuarai, a game listed at David C Jone’s Learn Improv site. Everyone seemed to love it, and insisted on playing it again. It’s about as foolish a game as you could imagine… yet generated incredible levels of engagement. I think that’s because we are hard-wired by nature to play together.

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