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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I went to tonight’s geek dinner here in London. I showed sufficient self-restraint on the beer that I’m able to post before going to bed. It was a good evening, in a restaurant heaving with geeks. Robert Scoble was working the crowd with good humour and spoke with characteristic frankness and bonhomie. I loved that he said he wasn’t too worried about being fired by Microsoft as he’d get hired for more money somewhere else; what mattered more to him was maintaining the integrity of what he wrote. It’s that kind of honesty, and absence of false modesty that makes him so credible as a voice.

I also got to spend some time chatting to Alastair Shrimpton, Nigel Crawley and Neil Turner. (Neil proved it was a geek dinner by unloading an alarming collection of gadgets and showing us the latest beta of Firefox on his laptop.)

Thanks to Hugh Macleod for organising it.

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