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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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The terrorists have returned to London.

I’m working from home this morning so relatively secure. And news travels ultra-fast – but is also confused and rumour-laden.

Already I’ve had people contacting me to check I’m ok. Ton just rang from the Netherlands and Tony‘s on Skype at the moment from Melbourne. What a world we live in. Intimately connected and interdependent. Vulnerable to the behaviour of lunatics, yet also with the resilience of interconnection.

I’m sitting here trying NOT to follow every news bulletin. This is my current, possible futile, way of resisting being terrorised. And, of course, I am anxious, and concerned for all those who are suffering as a result of these bombers. It’s hard to fathom the thinking of those who perpertrate these attacks and right now I’m way too angry to try.

I’m reminding myself that I’ve experienced this before living in London, though that doesn’t right make me feel much better right now.

UPDATE: I’m now watching how this is being covered online and on TV. The TV is suffering already from rolling news syndrome: very high ratio of speculation to content. Jack Yan suggests New Zealand TV coverage is disproportionate. I think he’s right. Watched a bit of Fox News and it was pretty dismal – some really ill-informed explanations of the London underground by an American wanting to sound like an expert but not actually having the facts.

Technorati was very interesting – the London tag for instance – for a while but seems to be down. Tony gives kudos to fast work at wikipedia.

I’m caught between my horror at what I see and a dislike of the way 24hr mainstream media sensationalises. Is this a stiff upper lip I’m starting to feel?

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