Jennifer’s back, and this time it’s personal…

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Jennifer Rice took a long break from blogging and has come back refreshed. I’m finding myself nodding along with what she says here about changing her blog to put more of herself in, and being less restricted in what she writes about.

I also like what she says about Brand Humanity: From Processes to People

So we can keep talking about the importance of customer focus authenticity and co-creation. But well never get there until we recognize that its not that easy to overturn decades of societal depersonalization. We may have to make some difficult choices: letting go of talented employees who are more focused on being right than being empathetic; moving to a new job at a company that fosters a relationship culture; taking a risk and going out on your own. Im sure that part of the free-agent trend stems from a rebellion against the dehumanization of business.

Good thinking. Let’s not frame the challenge as overturning deeply-rooted powerful forces; humanising is something that is done moment-by-moment, conversation by conversation… It’s about taking responsibility for our own little piece of the puzzle first.

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