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Johnnie Moore

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Rather like Jennifer I’ve become a bit lazy about maintaining my blogroll and I tend to agree with her: I’m not really into doing “link swapping”. I’m happy to read new blogs and then I’ll link to content that interests me.

Without getting too pernickety, I prefer to link based on ideas and people that provoke me, one way or another. Rather than going down the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” route, though a mutual back scratch is one of life’s simpler pleasures.

Actually, I wonder if I should lose my blogroll altogether… in a way, I think it’s a bit of a throwback to earlier times. For now, I’ll just settle for being a bit lazy about maintaining it.

PS. Reading Jennifer in her comments, I see she’s pretty hard on blogs with typos. I don’t know how I’ve hung in there with her all these years!

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