Meeting Stormhoek

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Last night Adrian Trenholm James Governor and I from the 173drurylane team met Nick Dymoke-Marr and Jason Korman of Stormhoek. A good time was had by all, although I was on water only last night.

The Stormhoek guys so obviously get, and are into, the markets as conversations schtick. And they both clearly have ideas and opinions they’ve yet to share in their blog. I think Stormhoek have created a great opportunity to demystify the wine business, in much the same way Thomas Mahon has done it for Savile Row.

Talking to them, I was reminded of Liam Mulhall at Blowfly, another pioneer of internet marketing in the drinks sector (I podast a chat with Liam here).

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