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Tom Guarriello has a good post about Jack Trout. Jack’s having a panic attack about the rise of amateur advertising.

“It’s a real problem,” says Jack Trout, a veteran marketing consultant at Trout & Partners, in Greenwich, Conn. “And the problem gets bigger the more people see this stuff. It begins to muddy the message.” He concludes: “The ad industry should rise up against” amateur ads.

This is, as Tom says, pretty laughable stuff.

I’ve never been much of a fan of the Ries:Trout view of marketing as war, in which organisations attempt to own parts of our minds. It was always a bit grandiose to suggest marketing could somehow dictate the image of an organisation. These days it looks downright stupid too. As Tom puts it

Please. The power structure is obviously so threatened by what’s going on out here that some of the big-timers are starting to become delerious.

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