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Mark at fouroboros writes ( And now, The American Marketing Association misses the point)about an email he received from the AMA.

Highlight of said email:

Weblogs commonly know as blogs are rapidly gaining momentum and acceptance as credible marketing strategies. Companies are using blogs as customer relationship tools, branding reinforcement, product ideology testing and for creating public relations buzz. However, as blogs enter the mainstream business world, marketers are faced with how to impose a formal structure on blogs including format/strategy, metrics/goals and ROI. If blogging is a legitimate strategy for your company, do you know how to leverage this new media to complement your existing online and offline marketing strategies? What will success mean to your organization?

Oh dear, I’m lost for words. At least for any polite ones. Fortunately Mark has found some and here are a few of them

Deafness to tone. The illusion of control. The semblance of feeling. The kabuki of powerpoint. The dragon of ROI. Versus the self-organizing nature of useful, meaningful, sustainable things. Versus the self-organizing nature of, well, of our nature.

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