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notdarth.jpgI’m kinda pleased/relieved that my rant about the blog conference last week seems to have generated so many comments and trackbacks. I always feel a bit hesitant about these Dr Rant posts with a tiresome inner dialogue about what people might think. It goes something like, “Oh here you are Johnnie trying to work as a facilitator and then you post these really angry, unreasonable things.” In this case, that inner demon will then make a series of predictions about the judgements folks will make if I say this.

So it’s nice to get what seems like fairminded recognition of what I said, as well as finding lots of different perspectives on the same event.

So I need to remind my inner demon that I am not Darth Vader.

Not so much that I need to remind myself that I am not a Bad Person. (Boy those double negatives are hard work).

More this: Apparently, Darth Vader’s ultimate destiny (or dessssstiny as he likes to put it) is to bring balance to the universe. That’s not the job of single blogger. Read the comments and links and you’ll find balance is often taken care of by the combination of all the posts.

Trying to be balanced is OK, but if taken as an absolute rule I think it stymies and makes a blog boring. When I just give voice to my experience, I think it’s more interesting. Sometimes it’s a rant, sometimes a rave, sometimes not.

(And by the way, I don’t think facilitation is always about being frightfully neutral either. But that’s another post for another day.)


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