Nothing is Written

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Do you remember the scene in Lawrence of Arabia when a man is left behind overnight during the unforgiving journey across the desert? Omar Sharif says it would be madness to return for him, it would lead his would-be rescuer to certain death under the unforgiving sun. It is Written, he says. Lawrence ignores this advice and heroically returns, uttering the words Nothing is Written.

The world of organisations is awash with guidebooks, gurus and instructions. But life doesn’t follow ideal plans or rules, good or bad. Improv teaches us to deal better with the opportunity to embrace this uncertainty instead of denying it. Of all the ways I like to work with people, Improv makes me laugh most, surprises me most, teaches me most.

So I’m pleased to be an active supporter of the Applied Improvisation Network – check out this new home for its website. There are some good resources in there – especially in the articles section.

(And if you’d like to me to give you a real demonstration of Improv, just whistle!)

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