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The Times reports

The Vatican has been accused of trying to cash in on the Pope’s words after it decided to impose strict copyright on all papal pronouncements.

For the first time all papal documents, including encyclicals, will be governed by copyright invested in the official Vatican publishing house, the Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

This sounds bonkers to me, especially if this rumour turns out to be true (I find it hard to believe):

A Milanese publishing house that had issued an anthology containing 30 lines from Pope Benedict’s speech to the conclave that elected him and an extract from his enthronement speech is reported to have been sent a bill for 15,000 Euros (£10,000). This was made up of 15 per cent of the cover price of each copy sold plus legal expenses of 3,500 Euros.

Still, an alliance between the Vatican and the RIAA could make for some fun historical miniseries in the 22nd Century.

Hat tip: The Brand Builder Blog

UPDATE: But in case we underestimate the institution’s real catholicism, I’m pleased to see from AdPulp that “Monsignor Isidore Rozycki, the head Catholic priest for the Greater Waco area, plans to bless the (Hooters) chain’s newest location at New Road and Interstate 35.”

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