Bringing more humanity to
remote working

The biggest challenge is not technological. It's bringing more human 
texture to our work together

Remote working with Johnnie Moore
High tech, high touch

Even when using the cleverest technology, the most valuable resource is human intelligence. 

Meetings should have visceral life, with movement, surprise and emotion. We need to bring even more humanity and creativity to the work. Let’s not get mired in the latest technological tricks.

Excitement isn't always infectious

In online meetings, the host easily gets stimulated: they have plenty to manage and worry about. But they don’t realise that what is highly engaging for them is often really unsatisfying for others to observe. Creating engagement for all is the real challenge.

Rethinking the work

Part of the challenge of remote working is that you can’t process as much work in meetings as you think.  We need more effective ways for people to work offline, so that meetings stop becoming a distraction from the real work. We may need a different style of leadership for this.

Let's talk...

Better remote working starts with a good conversation. Use my online calendar to set up a Zoom call with me. Or call me direct by phone.