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Snapcast is a name invented by Jake for a short quick podcast. I was on Skype this morning and hooked up with Tony Goodson in Australia and Rob Paterson in Canada. Alan Singer (also in Oz) jumped in as our sound engineer. We wanted to discuss Robert Scoble’s recent challenge to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer over the company’s attitude to some anti-discrimination legislation.

We kick around what we think about the way this debate is being played out in public and reflect on what it might mean. Rob and I think it may represent a step change in corporate blogging whilst Tony is more sceptical and thinks shareholder interests may stifle the debate – and thinks the mainstream media may strongly shape how it plays.

Here’s the cast, a 12m31s MP3.

(By the way, it’s pretty cool that a few guys with computers can create a discussion like this across three continents at the drop of a hat)

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