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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Even as Viv‘s and my book on Creative Facilitation is nearing release into the wild I’m thinking about another little project.

I’m tentatively calling it The Little Book of Action Storming although I’m not sure it will end up as a book. It might be a deck of cards, which appeals to my sense that a book structure is unhelpfully linear. Or who knows, it may evolve into a tea towel which may make it much more useful.

We’ve developed this little activity/method/technique called Action Storming, which I summarised here and which Viv talks about here.

So I’ve created a category on this blog and I am going to start throwing up blog posts that might form the content of the book/whatever at some point. It makes it relatively easy for me to think out loud and if it works, it may make the whole production a bit more sociable.

Although I don’t particularly wish to champion Action Storming as a specific technique, I think it does link to a lot of quite interesting themes that seem quite important, in terms of challenging some conventional ideas about training and learning.

More, hopefully, to follow…

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