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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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For many decades first in the Tatler and then Harpers & Queen there was a regular column called Jennifer’s Diary, a cut-glass chronicle of the author’s continuous social whirl among Britain’s Upper Classes.

My good friend, Oli Barrett, has started a sort of Jennifer’s dairy of Britain’s Entreprenurial class at his blog, The Daily Networker. If you want to keep in touch with what’s being invented and who’s inventing it, I think you should subscribe. I have taken to introducing Oli to people as Britain’s most sociable entrepreneur. You’re unlikely to meet anyone with brighter eyes or bushier tail.

Here’s how he explains his blog:

When I meet people face to face, Ill often suggest something they should check out or someone they should meet. Thats great but it only works when we meet up.

By broadcasting my most interesting meetings and discoveries, we can keep in touch all year round, and everytime you see something which appeals, just drop me a note.

If youre seeking a particular oppportunity, write in and Ill try to help out too.

Daily Networker is dedicated to connecting people and opportunities. Its the thing that connects me to my network.

And whereas I think Jennifer was just a chronicler, Oli is a doer too, an active participant in some very interesting startups.

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