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Today’s Sunday Telegraph talks about blogging belatedly getting on the corporate radar screen here in the UK: Big business battles to keep up with the bloggers. It looks at two blogs in particular both with a supermarket interest. The first is which questions the impact of Tesco’s soaraway success. The other is (which I co-founded a few months ago).

I cringed slightly at my co-blogger Max’s (tongue-in-cheek, I hope) quote about me (“Johnnie wanted to save his alma mater”.) Really, the blog started as experiment, to see what would happen. I don’t expect to save Sainbury’s but I thought it would be interesting to give some voice to its customers’ desire to see it do better.

The most interesting bit of the article was this:

It is a reflection of how underground blogging remains in the UK that press officers at Tesco and Sainsbury appeared to be unaware of the sites when contacted by The Sunday Telegraph.

Yep, I think corporate Britain is a couple of years behind the curve when it comes to blogs… and I get the strong feeling it is about to start paying more attention.

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