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Wanting what we want to want

Finding ways to relate to each other than don't feed a cycle of over-stimulation
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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what i thought about after looking at what I'd bought at the supermarket

Transcript of this video:

I went shopping this morning in my local supermarket, Sainsburys, and I came home with a variety of items and realised I’d succeeded in getting money off or extra reward points on each of them.

And then for a moment, I felt less satisfied.

And I wondered: had I come out of Sainsburys with what I wanted? or with what Sainsburys wanted me to buy?

There’s a great book called Stand Out of Our Light, by James Williams, who used to work for Google. And then, in a real Poacher to Gamekeeper move, became a philosophy student at Oxford.

He talks about the need to recover our capacity to want what we want to want.

And when I heard that phrase, part of me couldn’t quite understand it, and another part of me, a more heartfelt part, thought, whatever that is, I like the sound of it.

And I think what he is talking about is getting past the addictive overstimulation of a very commercialised technological world where we are being constantly pitched in a way that allows us to kind of lose track of what we really want to do.

And one of the things I want to explore in this series of videos on unhurried marketing is how to create relationships, and sometimes commercial relationships, which are not based on getting people to do things in a frenzy of stimulation, but respect our need and our capacity to want what we want to want.


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