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The latest addition to my Sharpreader is James Richards’ Work-related blogs and work. He’s keeping track of a growing range of work-related blogs including Station Supervisor from which I reversed into James’ Blog. (Unintended railway pun). James includes On The District, another underground blog and many more.

Here are James’ ten reasons why people blog about work:

My categorisation of why people blog about work (in no particular order)

1) Let other people see what really happens in their workplace, i.e. informal whistleblowing

2) Let out frustrations and decrease stress levels – a coping mechanism

3) An educational source or outlet for tacit expertise, i.e. on a professional or extra-professional basis (informal and personal continous personal development?)

4) A source of shared entertainment or knowledge – create/sustain a sub-group identity either inside or outside workplace

5) Connect with similar minds and seek affirmation of viewpoints and experiences

6) Make sense of work-related experience

7) Make up for lack of fulfillment at work, i.e. boring and/or degrading job leads to creative writing – pursual of a worthwhile and rewarding hobby

8) Challenge public or media stereotypes of certain jobs, occupations or professions

9) A sense of having something interesting to offer other bloggers or public in general, i.e. amusing tales from the workplace

10) Seek indirect retribution against employer or particular employee (typically a manager)

This is based on his own survey of work bloggers. James concludes “The responses, to me, are quite staggering and go right against emerging myths that people who blog about work are just letting off steam or mischief makers.”


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