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Johnnie Moore

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Once in while I realise how lucky we are to have the BBC.

Last night was one of those moments. A remarkable piece of investigative reporting on Yes Car Credit. It exposed loathsome sales practices, shoddy car maintenance unabashed racism and general all round nastiness at the company’s Croydon branch. A shocking contrast to the bright and cheery image the company cultivates in its advertising. Here’s an article with details: Car and finance providers target poor

The BBC filmed at Croydon after receiving a spate of complaints from Yes Car customers – over 1 000 to date – who say they have been lied to, sold expensive insurance and finance packages as well as cars that are over-priced and not up to scratch.

The behaviour of the staff that were filmed veered from the highly offensive to the highly questionable.

Sales staff were shown lying to customers in order to sell car finance and insurance as well as cars.

The most obvious trick was to do a pretend phone credit check, just to get the customer to come in for another appointment.

On one occasion a customer was threatened with credit blacklisting if she did not come in as planned.

Poor targets

On average, Yes added

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