Beyond Lovemarks: Fouroboros engages

Mark at fouroboros has fired off another batch of conversation grenades partly in response to my continuing anti-Lovemarks postings. I’m on the record as a big fan, and this post is a cracker a mix of elegant thought and blunt language. A few more complicated diagrams than I can normally handle but great ideas in […]

Beware the explicit

Interesting post by David Wilcox – Why Manifestos Don’t Work. David quotes David Snowden’s aphorism “We always know more than we can say, and we will always say more than we can write down.” Large amounts of our implicit knowledge never make into the books and manuals which many organisations depend on to manage their […]

The tyranny of the explicit

I think that business suffers from the tyranny of the explicit. Its desire for measurability and proof makes it focus on the explicit element of what happens in human relationships. There’s quite a lot of evidence that this is like the bit of the iceberg that shows above the water… interesting but very far from […]