Working better together

I help teams and groups to work better, especially on more difficult challenges: where we need to take new risks to make breakthroughs.

I’ve been doing this for quite a long time with all sorts of people.

I’ve worked across UK. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North America

Working organically

I like to work organically, often in quite small steps. I find a lot of organisations get stuck because they miss out on the small, human details that can make all the difference.

By rushing less, and building trust more carefully, I believe we get much better results.

Stories and Insights

Some reflections on working with groups – you can see the full series of these short videos here.

emotional debt & the law of ruts

How small misunderstandings accumulate to derail teams

finding the clutch

Finding the clutch as a metaphor for working relationships


A reflection on the power of being surprised together

About Johnnie Moore

About me….

I’m the author of the book Unhurried at Work and a co-founder of Creative Facilitation. I’m a visiting tutor on the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at the Saïd Business School. I’m an occasional contributor to Fast Company magazine. 

My first job was as a speechwriter to Lord Sainsbury, after which I worked in advertising for 15 years. Since then, I’ve worked as a facilitator, based in the UK but often working internationally.

Some of my Projects


Great teams are not rushed

Unhurried is my personal touchstone for working with people in ways that bring out the best of our human qualities.

Creative Facilitation

Facilitation for thriving teams and events

Good facilitation helps people work together for more creativity and wiser decisions.

groundhog logo

A fresh approach to difficult conversations

Groundhog is a fun, participatory way to learn how to have difficult conversations with greater skill and flexibility

My Books

Creative Facilitation

Written with Viv McWaters, 70 pages of inspiration for creative and surprising meetings.

Unhurried at Work

Tells the story of my journey towards a more unhurried way of working, drawing on eight years of conversational experiments, and over 20 years facilitating meetings around the world.

Contact me..

Call me on 07973 414263, email me or use the form below