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Creating Ensembles

If you think of the most inspiring concerts or shows you've attended, you'll recognise that something more magical than mere teamwork is happening. An ensemble weaves together diverse talents into a more beatiful whole. It's an artistic process that any organisation needs to thrive.

Sharing vulnerability

Helping teams succeed is not about playing the role of expert explaining everything. Instead, It’s important to join people in taking the little risks that make real teamwork possible. Figuring things out together is a more powerful way of teambuilding than fighting for attention.

Johnnie Moore Facilitation


Helping people to work together in ways that improve creativity, decision-making and productivity.

Managing difficult conversations by Johnnie Moore

Field Trips

Little online expeditions to learn more about a shared concern.

Team building and facilitation by Johnnie Moore


Helping people see new choices and get unstuck from frustrating patterns and relationships.

Online facilitation by Johnnie Moore

Remote Working

It’s possible to create real human connection remotely, by putting humans first and technology second.

Not playing too safe

It’s easy to play safe in working relationships, and settle for polite boredom rather than take risks and have some creative friction. We need curiosity and sometimes kindly mischief to help something new happen.

Finding the sweet spot

There’s a sweet spot between the structured thinking of organisations, and the individuality and unpredictability of the humans working for them. In that space, great things can happen. It’s the essence of teambuilding.

I’ve been doing this for quite a long time with all sorts of people.

I’ve worked across UK. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North America

I’ve learned pretty much everything I know about creative facilitation from Johnnie over the years. His approach to training is intelligent, fun and very engaging. Highly recommended.

Roland Harwood, co-founder 100% Open

Our experience with Johnnie was a game changer. The team’s idea of what effective facilitation is, got turned on its head.

Cheryl Ader-Dunne, Executive Director, Strategy, Ogilvy

Great teams are not rushed

Unhurried is my personal touchstone for working with people in ways that brings out the best of our human qualities. Find out more at the Unhurried website.

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Unhurried at Work

My book, Unhurried at Work, is about enjoying life at a more human pace in a world that seems to run at the speed of machines. It grew from an experiment in having more satisfying conversations where we stop interrupting each other and sometimes sit with silence.

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Exploring Unhurried

A short video in which I share how I developed the philosophy of Unhurried for working with people

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Change happens one conversation at a time

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