Johnnie Moore

Unhurried Team Building

Everyone wants to be part of a good team, and there are plenty of videos, books and courses that will tell you what a great team does. And there are thousands of well documented “team building activities”.

But building a good team is harder work than that, because it’s easy to talk about good practice and much more challenging to create spaces where we can be honest with each other about the things that aren’t working. This takes time and a willingness sometimes to engage in more challenging conversations. Relationships can’t be grown in a rush.


Effective teams must have an emotional connection. Most of us have more talent for it than we realise


We're not machines, teamwork is expressed in our bodies not just our heads and words


Learning rooted in live issues for participants, not teaching idealised abstractions based on other businesses and industries


Some of the most powerful development happens when we learn from our experiences of each other


Nothing sustains a willingness to grow more than seeing some practical benefits, sooner rather than later

Stories about my work

I share my experience in a series of short videos. Here are a selection and you can see the whole collection here.

Play Video about a colourful vortex, gold at the centre, red at the edges

non-knowing growing

some of the best work happens in uncertain spaces

Play Video about a close up of blue and pink paint splashes


getting unstuck sometimes means experimenting

Play Video about a pair of clay-covered human hands shaping a pot on a potter's wheel

practice beats models

a little story about the gap between reality and our models of reality

Some of the issues I work on with teams

Communication skills: listening skilfully, speaking effectively, and conveying trustworthiness and integrity in how you communicate.

Emotional intelligence: developing empathy, managing stress, and building strong relationships with others.

Conflict resolution: resolving disputes, managing difficult conversations, and building consensus among stakeholders.

About me

I’ve worked with teams around the world for 30 years.

I’m on the faculty of the Homerton College Cambridge Changemakers leadership programme. I’ve been a visiting tutor at the Oxford Universtiy Business School.

I’m the author of the book Unhurried at Work and a co-founder of Creative Facilitation.

About Johnnie Moore