Johnnie Moore

Unhurried Leadership Development

I work with leaders and teams with a focus on experiential learning. I combine experience of leadership development programmes with practical insights from forty years of working with people in high profile roles.

Leadership development is a controversial subject: many of us have had unsatisfactory experiences and there are real concerns about its effectiveness – well summarised in this article: The future of leadership development.

With so much of the intellectual content about leadership is now freely available online, I focus on the aspects where a real personal connection matters.


Effective leadership must make an emotional connection, and most of us have more talent for it than we realise


We're not machines, leadership is expressed in our bodies not just our heads and words


Learning rooted in live issues for participants, not teaching idealised abstractions based on other businesses and industries


Some of the most powerful development happens when we learn from our experiences of each other


Nothing sustains a willingness to grow more than seeing some practical benefits, sooner rather than later

Stories about my work

I share my experience in a series of short videos. Here are a selection and you can see the whole collection here.

Play Video about the nib of a fountain pen adding calligraphy to a lined page

nothing is written

Lawrence of Arabia and the limits of the known

Play Video about a bright green fish swims left to right against a dark background

it's not about the fish

What it means to work conversationally

Play Video about Rodin's statue "The Thinker" outdoors with a building in the background

the knowing-doing gap

the creative space at the limits of our knowledge

Some of the issues I work on with leaders

Communication skills: listening skilfully, speaking effectively, and conveying trustworthiness and integrity in how you communicate.

Team building: building trust, fostering collaboration, and encouraging teamwork.

Time and energy management: setting priorities, managing distractions, and staying focused

Emotional intelligence: developing empathy, managing stress, and building strong relationships with others.

Conflict resolution: resolving disputes, managing difficult conversations, and building consensus among stakeholders.

My Credentials

My experience includes being a tutor on the Oxford Strategic Leadership programme at the Saïd Business School, which draws on the humanities to enrich learning. I’m also on the faculty of the Changemakers Leadership programme at Homerton College, part of Cambridge University. 

My book, Unhurried, explores how to create richer connections in an anxious and fast-paced world by finding ways to create the space and time to notice more of what is going on around us and so seeing more elegant solutions to the challenges we face.

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