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Grit before pearls

Ben Schott has a go at the paradoxical blandness of supposedly disruptive startups: Welcome to your bland new world....

Curiosity over quizzing

Curiosity is a richer seam of conversation than just questioning others

The power of rehearsal

Reflections on the power of rehearsal, from a master performer

The hard play of living with uncertainty

An exploration of the work - or if you like the hard play -...

Kindly mischief

Can we find the right sprit for creative disruption?
Blog by Johnnie Moore

Higlighted posts

A selection of my favourite posts from the past few years…

Blog by Johnnie Moore

Lessons from “The Logic of Failure”

Fascinating insights into the patterns of failure

Emotional debt

Releasing the hidden costs of pent up frustrations


Finding the aliveness below the surface of stuck

They’ve seen it before…

Don’t get attached to your favourite process

Keeping it simple

The virtues of stripping back your processes

In a network, in a mess, or in a mesh?

Sometimes it’s ok to stay confused and entangled

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