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Thoughts, reflections and ideas about working better together

Responsibility + Helplessness

continuing to explore monarchy vs mesh

Turn taking

not getting stuck at the centre of attention

Monarchy or mesh?

finding a more human way of connecting in the networks we belong to

Silver bullets and the popcorn of therapy

Embracing uncertainty and avoiding simplistic solutions

Language games and the poo fairy

What's going on when we use language?
Blog by Johnnie Moore

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A selection of my favourite posts from the past few years…

Blog by Johnnie Moore

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Saunas and seeing anew…

getting out of the rut in familiar relationships

Immersed in story

learning from experience, not theory

Stories we tell ourselves

noticing the effect our stories have on us as tellers

a tower of smooth flat pebbles, on a pebble beach

Pebbles and idols

Being careful where we invest our imagination

a collection of books with a bow tied on top

Meeting confusion with kindness

why being patient with confusion might be a better way to teach

a close-up of a dartboard with red and green darts scattered across it

Not peppering with ideas

the benefit of allowing ideas to emerge in relationship