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Thoughts, reflections and ideas about working better together

Knowledge overwhelm

two words overheard in Cambridge... and the shadow of knowledge

Kindly mischief

a brilliant experiment helps a team get unstuck

The downsides of vehemence

Forcefulness is not clarity

Off-balance, together

the benefits of being off balance in each other's company

Caffeine versus creativity

Being creative is not all about stimulus
Blog by Johnnie Moore

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A selection of my favourite posts from the past few years…

Blog by Johnnie Moore

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a story of applied improvisation

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Relax your clever

and the inner game of improv

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Following the ball (or not)

A lesson from Inner Game author Tim Gallwey about not following Route One to a goal

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Practice beats models

Why I prefer the idea of practice to using models

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Beyond marshmallow motorbikes

Improv can still be powerful when it’s mundane

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Difficult and interesting

What could happen if we let go of the idea that teamwork should be easy?