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Thoughts, reflections and ideas about working better together

Pebbles and idols

Being careful where we invest our imagination

Meeting confusion with kindness

why being patient with confusion might be a better way to teach

Not peppering with ideas

the benefit of allowing ideas to emerge in relationship

A Colditz story

A story about storytelling and the impact on the storyteller

The court lobster and a social breakthrough

Things may not be as stuck as the seem
Blog by Johnnie Moore

Highlighted posts

A selection of my favourite posts from the past few years…

Blog by Johnnie Moore

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a close up of blue and pink paint splashes

Kindly mischief

a brilliant experiment helps a team get unstuck

a close up of the red and yellow flams of a fire

The downsides of vehemence

Forcefulness is not clarity

two figures balance on one foot, each standing on a different rail of a train track. They have their backs to us, and the track disappears into the distance

Off-balance, together

the benefits of being off balance in each other’s company

Black coffee is poured into a small cup which is propped precariously atop a tower of other coffee cups

Caffeine versus creativity

Being creative is not all about stimulus

A man's face is largely covered by post it notes on which are written buzzwords and symbols typical of the jargon of management

Beyond writing

Writing stuff down can easily remove us from practical reality and suppress our intuition

an ice cream cone lying flat with the ice cream itself lying at a short distance having been spilt

Mistakes… and fakes

Mistakes can create more engagement, but we should be wary of faking them