Chucking bricks

My friend Howard Mann draws his inspiration for business from a college football coach. After a run of disastrous form he stops using a football for training. Instead the athlete’s have to throw bricks. Screw up on the basics with a brink and you’re really going to feel it. That’s a radical intervention. By getting […]


Hard on the heels of More Space I’m now waxing lyrical in another new book John Winsor’s Spark. The book’s subtitle is “Be more innovative through co-creation”. John’s interviewed innovative people from organisations like Patagonia Nike and Herman Miller and er… me, and each gets their own chapter. Mine focusses on using improv to co-create […]

Declan’s blog

My friend Declan Elliott’s blog has some great posts. I loved this story of his chutzpah in explaining himself to a CEO in 60 seconds. I also liked hearing about the latest blog-book project The Real Meaning of Life.

Jennifer’s back, and this time it’s personal…

Jennifer Rice took a long break from blogging and has come back refreshed. I’m finding myself nodding along with what she says here about changing her blog to put more of herself in, and being less restricted in what she writes about. I also like what she says about Brand Humanity: From Processes to People […]

Moonlighting with Chris Corrigan

I’ve just finished a chat over Skype with Chris Corrigan. I wanted to pick his brains on a facilitation project I’m running. Chris was on his deck on Bowen Island watching the late night water taxi arrive from Vancouver, and seeing the harvest moon rising. In between giving me some great ideas for my project, […]

PR man wrings hands

After the recent berating of PR bloggers for laxitude it doesn’t surprise me that my friend Tim Kitchin says I will do almost anything to avoid admitting that I’m in public relations And adds some ideas on how he can square it with his conscience/ego (delete as appropriate)

Gun for hire; only slightly used…

Paul Goodison is looking for work. So I am looking, ideally a strategic role in either marketing or knowledge management and possibly with connections to Internet technologies (websites, software, hardware) but defintely something that allows me to use my considerable experience of taking ideas / products from inception through business case, design (particularly customer experience […]

Inside the Gherkin

The strangest building on the London Skyline is generally known as The Gherkin. I was invited a launch party there by my friend Sue Glasser and it was quite fun to hail a cab and say “Take me to the Gherkin”. From the inside great views over London… and an interesting tour of high tech […]

The John and Jennifer Experience

Jennifer Rice has been talking about our meetings in Malmo. Modesty (the False brand of it) prevents me from quoting the very flattering things she says (but do take a look for yourself). But I’d like to dwell on this observation she made: In our conversations it became clear that we see the world from […]

Jerry Springer The Opera

I met Ton Zijlstra and his partner Elmine yesterday evening and we went to see the wonderful and bizarre Jerry Springer The Opera. How can I capture this experience in words? The idea of turning his show into Opera is inspired and the sheer hilarity is hard to convey… the vulgarity of the content set […]