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I’ve found myself referring to love in two recent podcasts. (The latest Hugh and the Rabbi, soon to be released and the fourth Phoric, with guest Alex Kjerulf.)

Both times I expressed my caution about banding this term around, as it seems a charged word, and one that I’ve seen often used to describe something more like lust or egomania. (Which sometimes provokes a bit of egomania by me in return.)

Still, I have a feeling that some form of love is what really holds together most of the collaboration in the world. Not the mission statements, goals, agendas, action points and other ephemera of management and consultancy.

And Alex’s podcast is well worth a listen. Rob and I are still in the early days of the series. It’s interesting how much you can learn about people and maybe life from the jumping off point of: What are your favourite YouTubes?

On a techie note, I’m hoping that followers of my podcast xml feed will now find it suitably embedded. Here’s the 20min extended version.

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