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Jeff Jarvis takes a few well-aimed jabs at our acceptance of deadly keynote speeches and other manifestations of a top-down educational system. (Click here if you can’t see the embed.)

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I went down to Surrey on Friday for long walk and pub lunch with Neil Perkin. We’d originally planned to run a workshop about agile

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Antonio Dias offers a fascinating description of what goes wrong when drowning: What separates a swimmer from someone drowning is the way a swimmer acknowledges

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Viv picks out some nice ideas from Phelim McDermott on the subject of leadership. “We love the security of the illusion that someone is in

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I’ve been thinking about the urge to scale things lately – see here and here. I understand the concern with being able to effect big

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In moving house, I radically downsized my collection of books which I can highly recommend. I used to think I’d one day find a reason

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Thanks to my Improvisation friend Kelsey Flynn I rambled into a letter cited in Margaret Cho’s Blog (go to Letter #1): Lately it seems like

Who says fun is dangerous?

I wanted to share this email doing the rounds this morning… AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE After every flight Qantas pilots fill out a form called a gripe

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A quick ramble on the nature of paradox, inspired by a blog on the value of both fear of the new and curiosity

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Johnnie Moore

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Chris Rodgers quotes Ralph Stacey: Managing and leading are exercises in the courage to go on participating creatively despite not knowing That sounds good to me. It puts managing and

Johnnie Moore

Pointless, again

Grant and Tom both dispute this article by Lance Ulanoff: MySpace, Second Life, and Twitter Are Doomed. Ulanoff begins: Don’t get too attached to MySpace. You might want to pull

Johnnie Moore

Singing from the same songsheet

[Dept of unapologetic recycling of blog posts] Some time ago I posted about a paper on wicked problems. The paper seems to have vanished from its online space but I

Johnnie Moore

Redefine normal

Another stunning post from Patti Digh. I’d precis the story but it would diminish its impact.