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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I’m back from New Zealand (where my blogging was pretty light as you may have noticed). I’m starting to think of it as my second home. It’s a remarkably uncrowded place, a massive contrast to London life. Each time I’ve flown into Christchurch, the first person I’ve seen on the airbridge is a uniformed official. I suppose she’s part of of immigration control, but it seems like her unofficial job is just to stand there smiling warmly at everyone to make them feel welcome. That’s the effect she had on me.

On a previous trip, the next thing I saw was an ad suggesting I think about moving there to live. No doubt there are fancy economic explanations, but it all contributes to my sense of a very welcoming place.

The winter weather this year was stunning, and it seems I’ve missed nothing but rain at home.

I’m usually a bit erratic about taking holidays and I’m very glad I made sure to take this one.

All I need to do now is shake off the major league jetlag!

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