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Johnnie Moore

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So Matt has finished the poem he wrote for me. (Backstory here) He wrote it after we shared some of our prejudices about organisations. Needless to say I love it!

Here it is. And you can hear Matt reading it on mp3. I’m now supposed to respond to Matt in some manner of my choosing… that may take a little reflection…

Action Points

The Children of Israel

Were in the desert.

They cried out unto me

Beseeching me for a display of

My level five leadership.

Have I not given them manna from heaven?

And quails and bread and sweet water

And drinks with nibbles

After each quarterly update?

Have I not delivered them

From bondage in Eygpt

And offered them a Land

Of milk and honey and share options

Set at a reasonable strike price?

Truly they are a stiff-necked people

but I am the Lord their CEO

and employee engagement

is a key focus area this fiscal.

I summoned my COO to the Mount Sinai off-site For forty days and forty nights.

Amid the fire and the smoke

And the golfing,

I gave him my laws

And bade him formulate

A training plan.

I bade him write ten action points

On 2 slides of powerpoint

With handouts carved in stone.

Everything will now be right.

My COO returned to the Mount of flame

And team-building trust exercises

And told me of a golden calf

That stood without

The strategic plan.

The Children of Israel are many

And in need of rightsizing.


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