Another disintermediator…

John Steen asks, Have you heard of Ruslan Kogan? I think he is one of the most exciting business entrepreneurs in recent years. I only got to hear about him when the major Australian electronics retailers started to complain about how unfair it was that a business could manufacture offshore and sell directly to consumers […]

Networks and complexity

I enjoyed Antony Mayfield’s notes on business networks. This line resonated strongly: We don’t grasp how magnificently terrifyingly complex networks are. We like to draw pictures of them and then think we’ve captured their meaning, when they are more like the weather – always changing, hyper-complex. One thing I see a lot of are presentations […]

Thoughts on networks

Roland Harwood has written a nice post about working in networks. Short on jargon, long on common sense. Viv and I often riff on Roland’s mantra: conversations then relationships, then transactions. He remembers the days of the maligned “old boy networks” and suggests I think the world has changed profoundly in the last 20 years […]

Benny Hill on social networks

In a hierarchical world the cohesive authority group has the edge over a loose agglomeration of individuals. In a networked world the scales may be reversed. The loose agglomeration have a far higher capacity to reorganise themselves and the authority starts to look less surefooted. Case in point, perhaps: this funny video. Protesting students were […]

Mickey Mouse and Social Media

Rob makes a great point in his post about Boingo’s human approach to social media. At Disney the surface of the Brand Icon never changes but inside the mask is a person who changes all the time and so is never allowed to speak… But in the new world we have to take off the […]

The whites of their eyes

Roland Harwood talks about the range of innovation projects made possible by the net, from global to hyper-local. He includes this view What they miss is the power of people connecting face to face so they can literally seeing the whites of each other’s eyes. And whilst I can’t deny that I am a huge […]

In the shadow of networks

Earl Mardle reflects on James Kunstler’s post: Scary people, scary times. Kunstler writes about the massive climate, financial and energy challenges we face and observes: On the eve of the only other comparable national convulsion — the lead-up to the Civil War – a strenuous public debate was able to focus on the salient question […]

Open Data

Ton Zijlstra describes his recent presentation on Open Data and Government. His slideshare on this struck me as a brilliant insightful explanation of the whole issue and why it really matters. And a terrific example of weaving together very specific personal stories into the bigger narrative… such as how Open Data could help a fireman […]

Networks as living systems

Andrew Rixon shares this presentation on networks as living systems. I enjoyed it. Living systems mapping View more presentations from AndrewRixon.


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