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Dave Snowden is blogging a KM conference – the posts are an entertaining mix of the speakers ideas with Dave’s sceptical sidenotes.

I enjoyed reading about Eva Lo who is Knowledge Manager at the Langham Place Hotel. I was a bit surprised that a Hotel could have a Knowledge Manager, but it probably connects with the surprise that they don’t have a training department. Instead, their idea is that Everyone is a Trainer.

. Training projects are sourced from the person in the hotel who does it best. Example of folding table napkins; turns out a junior waitress does it best so she does the training. Computer training is done by young people, bed sheet folding by the best chambermaid (sorry chamber attendant). I can see that this would work, and would encourage empowerment through action rather than statement.

I like the idea too, though I do know some people are good at what they do but have no talent for conveying it effectively to anyone else!

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